A Victorian who has been working seven days a week to collect bottles and cans has put aside $80,000 for his retirement.

The anonymous man spends his days visiting sporting clubs to collect their recycling, then transporting his haul over the border to collect 10 cents per can and bottle, the ABC reports.

While South Australia’s container deposit scheme has been in place since 1977, no such scheme exists in Victoria. Under South Australian law, the maximum fine for seeking refunds on containers that were sold outside the state is $30,000.

The 63-year-old ex-shearer will drive up to 500 kilometres each day collecting the bottles and cans to carry out his illegal venture, offering sporting clubs cash in return for their recycling.

Victoria is set to introduce its own container deposit scheme by 2023 which may throw a spanner in the former shearer’s scheme, although retirement could finally be on the cards by then.