Happy Friday everyone, there is currently an asteroid the size of the Sydney Opera House heading towards planet earth.

The biggest asteroid recorded to hit earth in contemporary times was the Chelyabinsk meteor in 2013 and caused $30 million damage in Russia despite being only 20m in size!

This new competitor has been named 2021 AG7 and no, it obviously shan’t be hitting us and killing human life as we know it, but it plans to gently glide passed.

According to 7News AG7 will pass at 11 times to distance from Earth to the moon (roughly 4.2 million km.)

Thank God it’s that far away to be honest, because it’s flying at an astonishing speed of 16.6km per second!

For comparison’s sake, the Chelyabinsk asteroid was travelling at 69, 000km/h which is 19.16km per second, only a little bit faster than our big AG7!

Anyway, we’re safe, everything is okay, this is NOT going to happen.





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