Showers and possible thunderstorms are forecast for large parts of Queensland following a weekend of downpours.

Morning showers are likely in Brisbane on Monday and Tuesday as well as on the Gold Coast, where most of southeast’s wet weather is expected including up to 35mm of falls, Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Peter Markworth told AAP.

Rain is also forecast for the Cape York Peninsula with a monsoon off the coast, while Thursday Island could see up to 70mm over Monday and Tuesday.

Western parts of Queensland are forecast to stay dry throughout the week, and a trough is preventing rain heading to the state’s southwest region.

There is good news for the drought-stricken southern interior, however, where further falls are forecast to start the week.

Up to 15mm of rain could fall in the town of Stanthorpe, which officially ran out of drinking water in January and had to start trucking in water from a nearby dam.

Southern Downs mayor Tracy Dobie said Stanthorpe’s main water supply, Storm King Dam, recently had a month’s worth of drinking water flow into it.


She told AAP the dam would need six months’ worth of water for water trucking to cease.