Tonight we’ll be experiencing the beginning of a hugely anticipated planetary event of the year, the great conjunction of Jupiter, Saturn and the moon.

The ‘great’ conjunction is used to describe the meeting of our solar system’s two biggest planets in our sky, visible to the naked eye.

The conjunction began in November and ends on the 21st of December where the planets will be only 0.1 degrees apart and the closest the planets have ever been since the 1600s.

Jupiter will be the brightest ‘star’ in the sky and Saturn will look as bright as the second brightest star in the sky with a distinct golden colouring.

When you’re looking up into the sky, you’ll notice the planets are different from the other stars because they won’t be twinkling, their light will be steady.

So what’s special about tonight and tomorrow?

In addition to seeing Jupiter and Saturn , a thin Crescent Moon will be passing close to the planets so the sky is really putting on a show!


Sun sets a bit passed 8pm tonight, so if the clouds clear up we’re in for a treat!