This is the story of a desperate mum who watched her six year old have her soul crushed from relentless bullying. 

Emotional bullying so intense that it led the young girl to vomit up to 20 times a night. 

So impactful that she was hospitalised. 

Carrie Golledge from the United Kingdom posted a heartbreaking commentary when her daughter, Sophia, landed in hospital – and the post has gone viral. 

Reading Carrie’s account of how things escalated, the lack of support from her child’s school, the bully’s parents taking aim at her daughter themselves, it clearly shows the amount of pain this entire family have endured at the hands of a group of bullies. 

But amongst the outpouring of support and compassion, Golledge has also noted that her daughter is not alone and that bullying is rife. 


In just over two days the post has seen 181k likes and over 217k shares. 

The post shows her daughter asleep on a hospital bed, with a vomit bucket by her side, her little body wrapped up in blankets. 

Carrie has revealed that since she wrote the post the little girl has moved schools and is starting to do better. 

“I have been inundated with such amazing messages from people that I don’t even know and I am trying to get through them all while I also work out how to allow you all to comment on the post,” she wrote. 

“You are all incredible I’m restoring our faith in people that has been stripped from us over the last couple months.”


We hope that Sophia can find a good group of new friends, who are drama and bullying free and go on to live a happy life like any six year old should

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