Queenslanders are being warned to take precautions ahead of what looms as a scorching hot spring day.

Temperatures in Brisbane are forecast to hit 36 degrees Celsius – about 10 degrees above average for October – on Friday.

Ipswich, west of Brisbane, is tipped to hit 37C while the Gold and Sunshine Coasts are also forecast to be well into the 30s.

In the state’s interior it’s forecast to be even hotter with temperatures to pass 40 in places such as Longreach, Birdsville and Mt Isa.

The extreme temperatures have health authorities on high alert and people are being urged to do what they can to beat the heat.


“Particularly when it comes up quickly there’s a real risk,” Queensland Ambulance Service’s Tony Hucker said.

“The problem with heat-related illness is it can sneak up on you and you just don’t know it’s coming until you’re actually quite ill.

“If you ignore it, heat-related illness can be fatal.”

Mr Hucker said the elderly, the young and the sick were particularly at risk of heat-related problems.


Staying inside, wearing loose clothing and ensuring you get plenty of fluids are among the tips Mr Hucker says can help ease the heat stress.

A cool change is expected to come through the state’s southeast by Friday evening.


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