Jacqui Lambie has called for MPs to be drug tested in response to drug-testing for welfare recipients being put on the parliamentary agenda.

She says she supports the move but wants to see pollies follow suit.

“I want to see the politicians up there grow a spine and you don’t go and put something on someone else that you don’t expect to put on yourself,” she said.

“If you’ve got nothing to hide up there in that big white house then it’s now your turn to go and do that random drug and alcohol test. What’s wrong with you people, might miss a few wines after 8 o’clock at night will we? That’ll keep the backbenchers in line.”

It’s believed the Morrison government will try to pass the legislation to trial drug-testing for welfare recipients as early as today.

The Australian Medical Association has opposed the trials:

“It may actually make their chance of getting another job later much harder,” AMA federal councillor Chris Moy said.


“The next thing is, there’s actually no evidence from international trials that this actually works.”