A day trip to the beach seems unlikely for Queenslanders on their first day of freedom with a cold snap tipped to plummet minimum temperatures into single digits over the weekend.

The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) even expects sub-zero figures near the NSW border while frost is expected along the Darling Downs.

The cold snap caused by a low trough moving in from the southeast, that will also include storms and damaging winds on Thursday, could not be more ill-timed.

After weeks of stay-at-home restrictions, Queenslanders will be able to hit the beach, parks and even have a picnic from this weekend.

Residents can wander up to 50km from home but only mingle with members of the same household in public.

But choosing what time to head-out, where to go and what to pack will be a mission in itself.

Overnight temperatures on the Gold Coast are expected to drop to just seven degrees on Saturday while it will be a brisk nine degrees in Brisbane and eight on the Sunshine Coast.


The maximum temperatures will also take a hit with the Gold Coast dipping to 23 on Saturday and 22 degrees in Brisbane.

It may pay to pack not just a picnic blanket but also one for yourself with the temperature in the Granite belt town of Stanthorpe to hit a low of minus two degrees on Saturday and Sunday with a high of just 15.

“The Darling Downs will see that cold air quite early on Friday and a significant drop in their maximum temperatures,” said BOM forecaster Peter Markworth.

“Stanthorpe is looking at a 10 degree drop in its maximum from 25 to 15 on Friday and they can expect a minimum of negative two degrees on Saturday morning.”

He said, except for far north Queensland, minimum temperatures across the state will be either low teens or, predominantly, single digits.


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