One man not enjoying the current heatwave in the UK is 20-year-old Greg Binnie.

The gardener, from Edinburgh, was left with second-degree burns after spending seven hours mowing lawns.

“It’s torture,” he told the BBC.

Greg Binnie, with the sunnies on, last month ^^

“It’s hard to describe the pain. It’s like there’s a crack in your skin and it’s pulsating as well.

This week, the UK sweated its way through its hottest June day in 41 years, with a temperature of 34.5C recorded at Heathrow. The heatwave has seen five days in a row during which temperatures in parts of the UK have topped 30C.


Edinburgh, however, has hovered around 18C.

“The weather was forecast to be quite nice but nothing out of the ordinary,” Greg said.

“I did feel hot during the day but just assumed it was because of how much work I was doing.”

He said he didn’t notice the damage until his mum pointed out that his skin was looking pretty sore.


Despite this, Greg went back to work the next day.

That night, things got pretty bad.

“Then the blisters popped up,” he said.

“I tried to put aloe vera on it but that’s quite tortuous. You have to apply stuff in a dabbing motion.”

Being a ginger, Greg tends to burn – but this was the worst he’d ever experienced. And he’s been Down Under.


“I was in Australia a month ago and I got sunburnt, but nowhere near the level I am now.”

He put that down to using sunscreen while on holiday but it wasn’t something he thought about much when at home.

“Especially living in Scotland where you don’t get this weather often.”