You know that thought that goes through your mind, where you wear the same shirt three days in a row whilst at home but when you go away for a week you need AT LEAST 32 different outfits?

Yeah don’t worry you’re not alone, because pretty much everyone I know over-packs when they go on holidays.

Now really, there’s nothing wrong with being prepared and packing everything you could possibly need, but there is one little problem. And that is the weight limit that airlines have for your suitcase when flying.

So what do you do when you can’t fit everything you need in your checked luggage? You start shoving things into your handbag of course!

Because obviously your handbag doesn’t have a weight restriction like the rest of your carry-on, right?…RIGHT?

Well sorry to burst everyone’s bubble, but unfortunately this is completely wrong! And airlines are starting to crack down on it big time!

Angry Jetstar passengers have recently taken to social media to vent their frustration, after they received a $50 fee for being over the carry-on weight limit, all thanks to their jam-packed handbags.


But complaining didn’t get these passengers very far, because they were actually in the wrong!

According to Jetstar’s very strict policy regarding carry-on baggage, each passenger is allowed one main item and one small personal item with a combined weight of 7kg or less.

And apparently, that small personal item does in fact include a handbag or even things like a laptop, a small camera and any duty free items purchased at the airport.

A Jetstar spokesperson also confirmed that the airline’s carry-on policy has “always included a combination of a main bag and a small bag, such as a handbag or laptop case.”

They also added that this rule is designed “to ensure everyone has their fair share of locker space to store their bags.”

And it’s not just Jetstar that has this restriction, with Tigerair Australia also enforcing the rule.


The reason behind the limit at this budget airline is to keep the fares as low as possible for customers.

“Tigerair’s model is all about providing the lowest fare for the seat, then allowing the customer to pick and choose what optional extras, if any, they wish to pay for,” said a spokesperson for the Virgin-owned airline.

But, all you hefty packers out there, don’t start freaking out just yet!

Some of Australia’s biggest airlines, including Virgin Australia and Qantas actually do allow a handbag or laptop as an extra on top of the 7kg limit.

For now at least…

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