It seems our growing waistlines are partly to blame for Queensland’s deteriorating transport infrastructure.

Our buses and road surfaces are suffering according to the experts who have pointed the finger at the extra weight being transported around.

Talking to The Courier Mail, a council planning and economic development manager said the increase in people’s average weight was causing engineering problems.

“Because the average weight of a passenger is increasing, if you load a bus up fully, it actually exceeds weight limits for pavements (road surface),” Kerry Doss told the paper.

“You’ve got to start thinking about those things because that means you’ve got to build a stronger road pavement.”

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the average Aussie man weighs 85.9kg while the average woman hit the scales at 71.1kg in 2011-12.

The average weight had increased by 3.9kg for men and 4.1kg for women since 1995.


However, Aussies had also grown taller with the average height for men increasing by 0.8cm to 175.6cm for men and 0.4cm to 161.8cm for women in the same period.

Bus guidelines base the average weight on 1989 figures of just 65kg. The industry is campaigning for increased bus mass limits in response.

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