The stats show that less than 10% of the world actually enjoy their jobs.

Well, that could be all about to change for you, thanks to the worldwide subscription service Netflix.

They are about to introduce a new role called the ”Netflix Grammaster”.

It’s a role that would expect you to travel around Europe and take photos of locations from famous Netflix shows, then upload them on Instagram.

How much would you think you would earn for this role? 

It’s $2,000USD a WEEK. That’s right, a week.

Surely that is one of the worlds easiest jobs? Just get up, have breakfast and go and snap your way around.


To apply all you have to do is follow Netflix on Twitter and tag them in three of your favourite original pictures on Instagram. Just make sure you #Grammaster.

Then when you get your new job, you can thank us for referring you by giving us free Netflix for life.

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