Millions of people have the dream of backpacking across Europe and a guy called Kevan Chandler is no different.

In this case, he will be the backpack as he explores historic cities, famous landmarks and breathtaking landscapers across the continent. 

This is because Kevan suffers from muscular dystrophy, a devastating disease that caused his weight to drop to just 29kg and left him wheelchair bound.

The young mans friends did not want him to miss out on his opportunity to travel so have offered to carry him across France, England, Ireland and other European countries as a ”human backpack’.

They want to make sure that Kevan has ”an experience he will never forget”.

There will be three guys, Tom Troyer, Phillip Keller and Ben Duvall while Luke Thompson will film their trip of a lifetime.

The backpack that they will be carrying him on will feature padding, a special headrest and a saddle. 


The friends previously used the backpack on a trip in 2013, when they explored the sewers of Greensboro, North Carolina with Kevan.

If you want to help fund the trip you can donate money through GoFundMe.