We’ve all seen the ‘Baby On Board’ signs hanging on the back of cars, letting other drivers know to be extra cautious when driving near them.

But parents are taking this idea of safety one step with calls for Australia to introduce a similar badge for pregnant women to wear while on public transport.

It is a trend that expecting mums are already using on trains and buses in London and New York and Carolyn Tate is the woman pushing for Australia to follow suit.

The basis behind the signs is to alert passengers when a woman is pregnant so that she doesn’t have to feel uncomfortable about asking someone to give up their seat or put her unborn bub at risk by standing.

Ms Tate took to her parenting blog, Essential Baby to write about the invention saying,

“As someone who has fainted on a bus while pregnant – not once, but twice – I gave up suffering early on and became comfortable loudly asking people to give me their seats. But Surely there has to be an easier way.”

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority in New York is one of the companies using the ‘Baby On Board’ buttons in the hope that passengers would be more inclined to give up their seats for pregnant women.


“We hope this campaign will help their fellow riders to be more willing to offer them a seat without having to ask a personal question first.”

Parenting blogger, Megan Zander, is also on board with the public transport badges saying that it would be helpful to differentiate between those who actually need and want a seat and those who don’t.

“Not every pregnant woman, senior, or person with a disability or invisible illness needs or even wants a seat,” she said.

“For those who do, these buttons are a great way to help with common problem without having to discuss your medical history with strangers.”

So what do you think? Is this a necessity for all pregnant women travelling on public transport?

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