This Wine Gives a Plus (+) For Taste and a Minus (–) for Alcohol

New ‘Plus and Minus’ wine is a great-tasting wine that has zero alcohol but tastes just like wine.

The problem with many alcohol-free wines, is that they don’t taste like wine!

That has all changed with ‘Plus and Minus’. It’s made for wine lovers who want to continue to enjoy their wine and the social rituals and occasions that go with it but without compromising on taste.

Plus and Minus has been hand-crafted using the highest quality grapes from premium, dry-grown South Australian vineyards.

The range alcohol-free range includes:

Zero Alcohol Blanc de Blancs ($15 each)


Zero Alcohol Pinot Grigio ($15 each)

Zero Alcohol Pinot Noir ($15 each)

Zero Alcohol Shiraz ($15 each)

The range is available from major liquor retailers nationally!