CommBank knows that behind every small business is a person… and behind every person is a story. Sometimes the most valuable advice comes from your fellow entrepreneurs and small business owners. 

 A number of small business owners have shared their story with us and we wanted to showcase some of these to highlight their valuable tips and insights.

Roger Eveans, R.E. Painting Services Pty Ltd 

“Always offer quality, the quantity of work will come off the back of it. Communication with your clients is key, keeping them up to date with the process of what you’re offering makes them feel included and valued. Employ likeminded people who also buy into your business. Employees need to represent your business positively. Keep on top of your paperwork quotes, invoices, taxes and your cashflow will benefit.”

Patrick Sweeney, Stain Busters Cleaning Systems 


“A point of difference will put your advertising head and shoulders above all competitors. It takes time to find this. If you never strive to find it, you never will. What can you do that others can’t, what can you research that isn’t available that your customers want?  It’s not quality or service, they are givens, without these you will flounder and likely fail. Thomas Edison said, there is a way let’s find it. Make it your mission to find and or improve your point of difference, you will be glad you did.”

Aaron Clarke, Swimwear Shack 

“Be grateful to the customers that do business with you, even if the customer has had a good or bad experience. Learn from your customers and work out what they want.

Find your niche and stick to it, be true to yourself and your brand.  Having a small business that knows its customers and its products (expert) leads to growth.

Small business is hard, but the rewards are worth all the stress!” 


CommBank – for however you do business.