Every penny counts.

And in a bid to try and save some cash every week thrifty consumers are constantly looking out for deals and splitting their shopping between Coles, Woolworths and Aldi.

But now it’s been made a little easier to save money on your weekly shop thanks to Aussie Mum Amanda Voisey, 33, who has come up with some pretty clever ways to cheat the system.

Amanda, from the Gold Coast, says it’s far too easy to spend several hundred dollars in one go at the supermarket.

But she added if you follow the tips below you’ll really begin to notice the extra cash in your pocket as each week passes.

First off, you need to cut back on how often you shop, ‘If you only shop every eight or even nine days, that’s one fewer shop each month,’ she says.

Then you should always try to avoid the middle aisles, because this is where the pre-packaged foods are kept and they retail at a massively inflated price.


And while you’re at it Amanda, who is behind Cooking For Busy Mums, says baking your own treats will save you lots of cash and by baking them yourself you’re ensuring they’re a little bit more healthy than the treats you’d splash your money on in the supermarket.

When you spot a Buy One Get One Free deal on cleansers and toiletries that you use, stock up! This will save you guaranteed cash down the road.

When cooking dinner each night make enough to allow for a leftover meal each week, ‘On leftover night not everyone eats the same food,’ she says – rather ‘there’s a little bit of everything and everyone can pick and choose,’ she says.If you literally have nothing left over from your previous meals from the week, there’s also nothing wrong with having eggs on toast one night,’ Amanda says.


And lastly you should go shopping ALONE. With no kids or partner in the way it will take half the time and cost considerably less.

Source Daily Mail

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