The penthouse may be a favourite on reality show The Block but the order of auctions will determine who wins, agents say.

Agents were surveyed before the auction of the five South Yarra apartments, the results of which will be aired during Wednesday’s grand final episode.

On a styling front alone, Biggin and Scott agent Andrew Crotty believes his clients Ebony and Luke should win for the way they’ve opened up their apartment.

For him, the battle is between his team and Dean and Shay’s Penthouse.

“When I’m talking to buyers I seem to get a lot of them talking about the penthouse, but with that said, I’ve got a few talking about mine as well,” he said.

“It comes down to the order which they do them in. If you’ve got a later draw in the auctions, that’s going to be hard work.”

Peter Zervas, of Greg Hocking, sees his clients Andy and Whitney as dark horses with their light-filled apartment.


“We’ve got good views. We’re the only that’s very light colours. It’s seen as a blank canvas,” he said.

“The living room is generally a stand out when it comes to apartment living and we won the Room Reveal for that one.”

Zervas concedes the order of auctions may work for or against them. “We’re not sure yet.”

While the penthouse always has an advantage, it doesn’t mean it will win, Glen Coutinho of RT Edgar says.

The “very strong South Yarra feel” of his clients Suzi and Vonni’s apartment is a highlight.

“They’ve got murals and pictures on the walls that are local gardens and local imagery and I think that adds a bit of value to it,” he said.


David Wood, of Hocking Stuart, believes his team Kingi and Caro have a strong chance because they will have the lowest reserve, being on the lowest level.

“Although the top one has better city views.. ours looks across the treeline for an urbane view,” he said.

“That aside, I think our kitchen is the most superior and I think kitchens sell houses.”


Price Predictions: 

The penthouse apartment on reality renovation show The Block should sell for more than $2 million, a property expert says.


WBP property group CEO Greville Pabst has predicted Newcastle couple Dean and Shay’s penthouse will take out the series, which airs its grand final on Wednesday night.

“I’d be surprised if the penthouse didn’t break through the $2 million mark,” he told AAP in the lead up to the auctions.

“The views are fantastic. You get that green wedge that you see from Fawkner Park and then the CBD behind it, it’s almost like a New York feel.

“That’s certainly my favourite, I think that will win. It’s the cherry on the top so to speak.”

Pabst predicts the remaining four apartments at 5 Commercial Road will fetch around $1.7 million while the penthouse would net about $2.1 million.

The prices include fittings but there is also “The Block” factor.


“You don’t really know until the day of the auction how far that’s going to carry,” he says.

Pabst also favours Kingi and Caro’s apartment, saying stands out from the rest with its industrial Melbourne look and wrap-around graffiti bath.

“As it is closest to the street, I think it really adds to that intensity of the location, that real Melbourne industrial feel, I think it really works.”

Pabst says the consecutive sale of five apartments will really test the market.

“That’s the only concern, in terms of putting a lid on these, that this year there is five,” he said.

“In order for that to occur, you actually need 10 or 11 people in the room with that sort of money in their pocket for that result to actually happen.


“It is a lot of money and that’s going to be the challenge, whether all can sell on the day at that level of value, all in one line and under the hammer.”

* The Block finale airs Wednesday on Nine.


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