From November 2019, residents of Karragarra Island will enjoy the first driverless bus.

Karragarra residents currently have no public transport options so the driverless bus brings both ease and convenience to the island. The bus is set to be programmed to drive at a maximum of 20km/h and will run on a continuous 5km loop from the Island’s ferry terminal.

The automated shuttle will be offered for free over a six-month trial starting this November and will include a chaperone to assist passengers with mobility issues and further educate residents and visitors on the technology involved in the automated service.

Maximum occupancy is 12 passengers and the cutting-edge technology is set to use lasers and sensors as navigational guides and obstacle identifiers.  The shuttle is a joint initiative involving the RAQC and the Redland City Council.

In a statement, Mayor Karen Williams said, “It’s exciting the first ever long-term trial of the technology in Queensland will be held on our Southern Moreton Bay Islands, providing an important step towards addressing long-standing transport needs.”


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