New research has revealed which jobs Aussies find the most boring or draining.

The study, conducted by Berocca, asked over 1000 Australians how they felt when they were at work, while considering their mental focus, physical energy and motivation.

The results found that around half of all Aussies feel it hard to stay alert at work, while a third say that they can’t stay motivated.

Those working in call centres and customer service roles say that they have the least engaging professions in the country.

Meanwhile, people working in science and technology as well as those in healthcare find their jobs the most exciting.

Top 5 Most Boring Jobs:

5. Construction
4. Banking and finance
3. Retail
2. Administration and office support
1. Call centres and customer service


Top 5 Most Exciting Jobs

5. Education and training
4. Information technology
3. Design and architecture
2. Healthcare and medical
1. Science and technology

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