As a girl, often without realising it, we find ourselves thinking about how our partners might propose.

Will they go over the top? Think outside the box? Or simply ask me over a takeaway pizza and a glass of cheap wine in the living room?

Most girls hope for anything but the latter, so when a girl posted photos of her boyfriend delivering a PROMISE ring in the most awesome way ever, we were a little floored.

Twitter user @kassidyrun1 took to Snapchat when her boyfriend bought her a bath bomb, to celebrate his epic thoughtfulness, having no idea what was really to come.

As her bright blue bath bomb dissolved, she spotted something weird-looking in the water, and a clear sphere popped to the surface of the water and inside was a beautiful ring!



As it turns out, this boyfriend of all your dreams had some help getting that bling in there from Pearl Bath Bombs.

Their bath bombs don’t just contain sweet-smelling goodness — no, they contain rings!

The crazy thing?


Everyone thought it was an engagement ring, but he was simply binding himself to her with a promise ring! IMAGINE what he’s going to pull out when he proposes!!

Source: Cosmopolitan

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