Frances Gillett is what you call a true champion.

In 1941, when she was born, the average life expectancy for someone with Down Syndrome was their mid-20s.

Defying all odds, Gillett has just celebrated her 75th birthday!

She is reportedly the oldest woman in the world with Down Syndrome. 

Over the last 12 years, Gillett has also battled through breast cancer and tuberculosis. She astonished medical experts by making a full recovery. 

Gillett celebrated her milestone birthday in Ely, Cambridgeshire, surrounded by family and friends. 


“Frances is really and truly amazing and over the years she has become more than a resident, she is like family”, Wayne Bent, part owner of her care home, told the Daily Mail

According to the National Association for Down Syndrome, today the average life expectancy of individuals with Down Syndrome is sixty years. This has increased dramatically over the years – in 1910 a baby born with Down Syndrome often didn’t live past age 10. 

Happy Birthday, Frances. You really are a Wonder Woman!

Source: Daily Mail

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