Audree Kopp was doing what millions of men and women do everyday – wearing a hair tie on her wrist.

But little did she know it could lead to something dangerous!

She noticed a small red bump on her wrist after wearing a hair tie, and went on antibiotics, but her body didn’t respond to them.

Bacteria is thought to have passed from the glittery hair tie into a tiny cut on her wrist, causing an infection.

She became concerned when the lump got bigger and redder and she could no longer handle the pain.

She was rushed to hospital where they found she had three types of infection and was lucky to avoid sepsis and blood-poisoning, which is life-threatening.

She went into emergency surgery, where surgeons drained the pus from the lump.


Ms Kopp is now left with a large open wound on her wrist, but it is healing well.

WARNING: Graphic content

H/T Daily Mail

Top Photo: Etsy

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