Ever looked closely at your jeans (and let’s face it, most of us own at least a couple of pairs) and wondered why on some brands – in particular Levis – there’s those tiny studs on your pockets?

Even if you haven’t, the story behind their existence is pretty cool.

In the late 1800’s when America was forging ahead with new infrastructure, construction workers were constantly getting their jeans pockets repaired after getting ripped off.

One tailor Jacob Davis was spending most of his time fixing jeans pockets and came up with the idea of using copper rivets to keep them intact. 

He approached Levi Strauss who helped pay for the patent and soon the jeans were selling like hot cakes.

The pocket was originally designed to hold a packet watch, but nowadays it tends to be a handy place to put spare coins, buttons, thumb drives and whatever small objects you don’t want to lose.


It’s also claimed that the orange thread in Levis was suggested by Davis to match the colour of the copper studs.

So that explains one of those quirky things about your denim jeans that you wouldn’t have thought about otherwise, on the other hand there is still no explaining the story behind THIS denim mystery…

Story via Dipley

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