If you thought Dr Pimple Popper videos were gross, wait till you see what we have in store for you next!

One beauty blogger has shared what happened to her nails after six years of acrylics – and it will make your stomach turn.

Amelia Perrin took to Twitter to show her real nails in ruin after removing her acrylics.

“A lot of people on curiouscat ask me about my acrylics, presumably wanting a set themelves,” she wrote.

“Sharing these to show u [sic] the reality lol”.

Tattered and left with brown marks, she said the pain was excruciating when the hot water from her shower touched them.


A fan of acrylics, Perrin said the damage was a result of her long-term use and making the decision to remove them herself when she didn’t have time to get to a salon.

However, it wasn’t enough to put her off using acrylic nails.

After five days of using biotin, she revealed she was off to get a new set.

We’re not sure we’d be as game!

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