I have to be honest with you, I found my first grey hair this year.

At the ripe old age of 27, I shouldn’t have seemed so surprised.

But I really was.

It all seemed to happen so quickly…


It stuck out among my brunette locks like a sore thumb and I couldn’t wait to get home and pluck the sucker out.


Of course, when I got there, my mother’s advice popped into my head, ‘Don’t pull that out – another three will grow in it’s place!” and although i’m almost positive that is neither true nor possible, I hesitated.

Especially when I went to put my hair into a ponytail and spotted too more on each side…

So, I decided to do my research and discover what exactly happens when you pluck out a grey hair.

According to Dr. Robert Dorin, Diplomat of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery, True&Dorin Medical Group, what my mum told me is indeed a myth.

However, that doesn’t mean we should do it – because it could spell disaster in another way, he says. “Each time you pull out a hair (on your head or in your eyebrows), you’re causing a little bit of damage.

And you can actually change the way the hair grows out of the root, meaning a new hair could grow in frizzier. And worse, if you really keep it up, you’re creating weaker hair, and a new strand won’t grow back.”


Our options? Embrace the greys, or book into the hairdresser!


Source: Good Housekeeping

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