A plastic surgeon has revealed the features that make up the most desired face in the world. 

Features taken from celebrities such as Keira Knightley and the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton work together to create the perfect face. 

Julian De Silva, a facial cosmetic surgeon says he came to the conclusion after analysing ten years worth of patient requests.

He says the requests show a lot about how society views beauty and how celebrity driven we have become as a society.

The celebrity features which topped the list were Angelina Jolie’s cheeks, Cher’s jaw line, Keira Knightley’s eyes, Kate Middleton’s nose, Jennifer Lopez’s eyebrows, Selena Gomez’s chin, Penelope Cruz’s lips, Miley Cyrus’s forehead and Reese Witherspoon’s skin. We’re surprised there wasn’t a Kardashian on the list. 

The cosmetic surgeon took to Instagram to share what he’s labelled as the world’s most desired face. 

“I created this compiling my patients’ plastic surgery requests combining the most requested celebrity features and the result is stunning,” he wrote.

Source: Instagram/drjuliandesilva

He also revealed just how perfect Kate Middleton’s nose is. He explained that noses which have a 104-108 degree nasal tip are the most beautiful.

Source: Getty Images. 

Well Kate not only hit the jackpot with Will, she’s also lucky enough to boast a nose with a 106 degree nasal tip making her nose mathematically perfect. To be honest despite how stunning Kate is, we’d never really noticed her nose.