This viral video of a haircut is making us feel so uncomfortable.

Posted by Barbershapp, an app that connects barbers and clients, the video of the haircut is described as “quirky, stylish and smooth”. But we think “quirky” is a nicer way of describing what you’re about to see. We would have used the phrase “completely horrifying”.

The woman looks as if she’s going to get bangs, but instead gets scalloped edges cut deep into her hair.

Talk about cringeworthy! 

The Haircut that’s breaking the internet!Quirky, Stylish and Slick? Is this a new trend in the making? #StylistLove …

Posted by Barbershapp on Saturday, February 20, 2016

She doesn’t seem too happy, but luckily for her it was rectified by getting it all shaved off. There really is no coming back from that except to cut it all off and start again.

Posted by Hair Set on Friday, February 19, 2016


We’re thanking our lucky stars it’s over and we don’t have to watch it anymore.


H/T HelloGiggles