Unfortunately, breast cancer is a reality for many us, as we’re touched by it on some way through the diagnosis of a family member, a friend – or even yourself.

Early detection is key, so what we’ve been in great need of over the years is an easy, reliable way to detect breast cancer early – and now, we seem to have it.

Now, a new bra that detects breast cancer and signals using a warning light could be on the horizon.

Researchers at Colombia’s National University have been working on the invention, hoping to bring it to market at a reasonable price sooner rather than later.

The bra holds tiny infrared sensors that record the temperature of your breasts. If the sensors notice any kind of abnormalities, the bra uses a stoplight-style warning signal with the lights.

A green light means everything is normal, yellow means you should do another test and red means you should book an appointment with your doctor.

The bra, which spends a lot more time with your breasts than anything else, can run the test and give you results within a matter of minutes.


Regular testing and early detection of breast cancer are the key in saving lives, so until you receive your own breast cancer-detecting bra, make sure you do regular checks in the shower.

Source: Bustle