There is honestly nothing worse than a leaking tampon and period stains. 

Even if you set an alarm for every 8 hours or do sneaky underwear checks, nothing can stop mother nature from causing a headache. 

On a more dire note, there are serious health risks involved with leaving a tampon in for an extended period of time, too. 

A new startup called My.flow has just unveiled a tampon that notifies the wearer when it needs to be changed. 

My.flow works through a super long tampon string that reaches out of your underwear and attaches to a snap-on bluetooth sensor. 

They suggest you to clip this sensor on to your waistband. 


The sensor sends data to an app on your phone, analysing the tampons saturation and alerting the wearer when they need to swap out their tampon for a new one. 

The program even allows the app to notify you once your tampon is a certain percentage full, in case you’re wearing white jeans and just cannot afford to cop a stain. 

Over time, the app will be able to use the data it tracks to predict when the user’s period will start, how long it will last and which days are the heaviest. 

The product is currently seeking funding (so whether or not the product is produced depends on people seeing it as valuable). If all goes to plan, they will sell the sensors for a one-time price of $49. 

The tampons to accompany the sensor will be priced at a few dollars more than regular tampons. 



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