It’s no secret that girls are going to crazy lengths to achieve a gorgeous streak-free, natural golden glow.

The fake tan industry certainly gives us more than a helping hand, however we think one company MAY have gone too far…

Emmaatan has come under fire for posting photos to their Instagram account showing girls wearing a tan that’s so dark it has effectively painted them black.

Social media users were quick to criticise the Swedish tanning company saying it was completely unacceptable.

Emma, Emmaatan’s creator, then took to Instagram to try and explain the product.

“I’m a small tanning business in Sweden and I’ve been working with beauty for 2 years in August. I’m a hard working owner of emmaatan and love working with beauty cause I get to appreciate all types of looks and figures. I’m in [shock] for the response I’ve gotten and may have responded and commented the wrong way because I expect Ppl to know how Spraytan works . I’ve got a lot of feedback and mostly been called “black face” and racist. Ppl looks at my pic I’ve posted and without a blink assuming we desire to look black, I understand why it might seem that way and I apologise for the miss understanding,” Emma said.


“My color isn’t going for black it’s going for a natural golden tan when you wash it off. I never want my customers to look unnatural or too dark since we usually have a lighter skin tone . You also have to understand I have ppl with dark and pale skin tone and therefore look darker or lighter. I love all skin types and that’s why I think ppl should be able to choose for what they feel good in, as long as you respect ppl around you. I understand a lot of you don’t agree with the tan industry but I don’t want you to think we want to go for a crazy black tan, we don’t!”

The “crazy black tan” comment then made things even worse and the account has since been heavily edited.

Oh dear….

Source Teen Vogue