If you’ve put on a few extra kilos recently and are getting ready to blame your slow metabolism or dodgy hormones, you might want to pay closer attention to what you’re actually eating.  

While lack of exercise can directly affect your ability to burn fat, as a society, we’re often unwilling to own up to some of the rather poor health choices we make on a daily basis. To put it simply, excessive calorie intake leads to weight gain and sometime we’re not even sure we’re doing it.

Recent data from the Australian Health Survey has revealed women are eating way too much junk food, consuming 17 serves of discretionary foods, which are foods that offer little nutrition – other than calories, bad fats, sugars and salts, every single week. 

In the past, foods like chips, chocolates, cakes and lollies would have been savored for special occasions, but now, they’re everyday treats.

It might start with a trip to the vending machine at work, that quickly turns into a daily habit. The worse things is, once we start consuming sugary treats regularly the more our brain craves the intense sweetness. Health experts advise restricting yourself to small portions of sweet food once or twice a week will kick the habit. 


Foods to avoid include cakes and biscuits, savoury treats such as corn chips and sugary drinks. Sound pretty obvious, but these extra treats are doing our bodies lots of damage.