There is honestly nothing worse than letting a new beauty buy slip through our fingers and shatter at our feet with a big smash. 

A broken pad of bronzer is an absolute pain and also SERIOUSLY messy. 

With one too many broken makeup pallets at home, a beauty writer at Bustle decided to do some research. 

Through youtube vlogs and handy articles, it seemed like rubbing alcohol into the makeup could work as a great binding formula to mould crushed powders back together. 

Why? Because since it evaporates and doesn’t affect the consistency of the product, it ACTUALLY works! 

So, you’ll need: 

  • Broken compact(s) 
  • Rubbing alcohol 
  • Paper towel 
  • Bottle top 
  • Empty casting

1. Start by smoothing out the makeup compact as best you can. If it’s flat before you use the rubbing alcohol, you’re ensuring that you make the most of all the crushed pigment that’s around and inside the casing. 

2. (Optional) Place the crushed product in a new casing. This step is only for those with seriously crushed up makeup or not enough to make a flattened layer. It might be better to transfer certain makeup powders into smaller compacts. 

3. Pour rubbing alcohol into the compact. Then, rub it into the product and smooth it out. You’ll see that it will begin to evaporate and the powder will slowly start to dry. Wait 30 minutes until the makeup is definitely dry. 

4. Once the rubbing alcohol is dry, cover your compact with a paper towel or face wipe. 

5. Then, use a bottle top to press down. This will help make your product flat and also get rid of any excess alcohol. 

BOOM! Your powders will be looking brand new again! 


Below is an alternate way of using rubbing alcohol to resurrect makeup powders. 

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