Being a mum is great, but here are the five grossest things about becoming a mother – or a parent for that matter!

In a life before kids, babies are the cute cuddly kids who giggle, smile and maybe have a bit of a cry, but you can always hand them back to their parents.

When you have one of your own, you have to deal with everything… and it’s not always pretty!

1. Defecating during delivery

This one only affects the mums out there, and we know giving birth is one of the toughest things to ever put your body through.

When pushing, midwives will advise you to bear down and imagine you’re doing a big poo. Most of the time, the unfortunate side-effect happens.

Luckily, nurses and midwives are very discreet about it, but you might want to reconsider having any of your friends or family members watching on… Everyone up by the mother-to-be’s head, please!


2. Losing control of your bladder

Most women postpartum will suffer this side-effect, and we’re not surprised. 

When there’s that much pressure on your pelvic floor, it’s normal to have some incontinence issues.

With some serious Kegel exercises and pelvic push-ups, this problem can be solved.

3. Being covered in baby vomit

Now, this one not only affects mums, but also dads, grandparents, friends, strangers…


It will become second nature to have wet wipes and a towel on hand at all times!

Also, in case you didn’t know, kids love to put things in their mouths so be wary.

4. Bath time poos

Oh yeah, this is a thing.

It’s probably definitely going to happen.

Just remember to ALWAYS wash all the poo particles of your child, and disinfect all of their toys, the bathtub itself, and you might want to ditch the sponge…


5. Manual snot removal

Babies are practically useless.

They can’t blow their noses! The only way to really help clear your baby’s nostrils – apart from using decongestant and saline spray – is to manually remove the boogers.

There are some really handy gadgets available online to help you remove the snot from your baby’s nose, so good luck!


Top photo: Stock photo

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