While Wednesday may have earned the title of hump day, perhaps it shouldn’t be that big a struggle.

According to research from the UK, we should be feeling pretty refreshed come Wednesday morning as people enjoy their best sleep on a Tuesday night.

An analysis of participant’s heart rates found that while people don’t sleep the longest on a Tuesday, it’s nonetheless the most “refreshing and restorative”.

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“People rest for a lot longer during the weekend, but perhaps they are out partying and letting their hair down and their bodies don’t physiologically recover,” Optima-Life’s Simon Shepard told the Daily Mail.

“On Mondays and Tuesdays, your energy levels may still be high after the weekend.


“And while you may still be sociable, you may be sociable in a different way, going to a book group rather than the pub.”

The study found people slept for longer on Friday and Saturday nights, but it was a lower quality sleep.

Participants spent more time in a ‘recovery state’ early in the week then on a weekend.

It also found that men were more likely to sleep soundly but women would sleep longer. Even if only for 11 minutes.