Forget about freaking out about snakes on a plane, we now have the terrifying reality of snakes at the beauty spa. 

A spa in Jakarta, Indonesia has been using snakes in their massage therapy services for years now. And when we say snakes, we mean actual PYTHONS. 

According to The Washington Post, the spa reasons that the combination of the movement of the snakes on the customer’s skin and the adrenaline produced by the fear of having snakes on one’s body has a positive effect on the customer’s metabolism.

Umm, I think I’d rather stick to boosting my metabolism by starting the day with brekkie. 


The spa uses non-venomous snakes so there’s no risk of customers being harmed from a potential snake bite and the snakes are allegedly fed thirty minutes before starting a massage. Comforting? 

We’re yet to see this health trend hit Aussie shores (thank god) but there are well known spas in both Israel and Indonesia that offer this service.

Watch the video above and try not to squirm. 

Source: PSFK