Move over chicken soup – scientists say there’s one simple trick to help ditch a cold: turn up the heat.

Latest research shows when our body temperature is up, the immune system is a lot better at fighting the cold virus.

Researchers at Yale University tested the theory and learned when the body temperature fell below 37C the cold virus reproduced and spread in the airway cells.

But, at core body temperature, infected cells die much faster, preventing viral replication.

Prof Iwasaki says the findings underscore the impact of temperature on the immune system’s defences. So rather than soldiering on when you are hit with a cold, get under the covers and keep warm.

A separate study found zinc lozenges can also help patients recover earlier.


Zinc can actually cut the duration of the common cold by nearly three days, according to the study.

If you can’t get your hands on zinc acetate lozenges – we give you full permission to have a dozen oysters three times a week!

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