Sometimes, when it comes to losing weight, those first couple of kilos are the hardest.

But what you may not know, that in order to make a big change, all that may be required is changing something little.

The Biggest Loser Tiffiny Hall knows this.

In fact, she conducted an experiment to prove just that, and all it means is cutting out the sugar. Stay with me.

The Australian Health Survey found that in 2011-12, Australians were consuming an average of 60g of sugars each day, or the equivalent of 14 teaspoons of white sugar.

The World Health Organisation recommends our sugar consumption should only make up five per cent of our total daily calorie intake, which equals about 25g or six teaspoons per day.

With that, Hall decided to see what the difference would be if one couple, Priscilla and Scott, cut out sugary drinks for a week.


Hall put them on water, black coffee and herbal tea for a three-week ‘hydration challenge’. “They were drinking soft drinks, coffees, alcohol, sugary fruit drinks and smoothies,” Hall told

“I set them the challenge to just drink water, as well as black coffee, green tea, for three weeks. If you think about it, 600mL of fruit drink a day equates to 23kg of sugar over a year. It’s really dangerous.”

“A lot of people try to fix their diet and exercise regimen, but they never think about what they’re drinking,” Hall said.

Both Scott and Priscilla lost weight over the three weeks. Scott went from 100kg to 94.6kg, a total loss of 5.7kg, almost 2kg a week. Priscilla went from 98.8kg to 96.2kg, losing 2.6kg.

So there you go!