A new revolutionary test for cancer has been released. 

It’s cheap, takes 10 minutes, is highly accurate and uses less than one drop of saliva. 

The ‘liquid biopsy’ test looks for fragments of genetic material in a tiny drop of saliva. 

Professor David Wong of the University of California at Los Angeles said “If there is circulating signature of a tumour in a person’s blood or saliva, this test will find it. We need less than one drop of saliva and we can turn the test around in 10 minutes. It can be done in a doctor’s office while you wait. Early detection is crucial. Any time you gain in finding out that someone has a life-threatening cancer, the sooner the better.” 

The test is so simple it can be implemented by the patient themselves in a home check, or dentist or pharmacy.

The test was invented after discovering saliva contained fragments of the genetic messenger molecule RNA linked to cancer. 

Wong also said “down the road it might be possible to test for multiple cancers at the same time. The advantages of our technology is that it is non-invasive. If you have a credible early screening risk assessment technology that people can use on their own or at dentist’s’ office or pharmacists – that’s they key, early detection.” 


Until now, doctors have only been able to discover the presence of cancer via blood tests or an invasive biopsy. 

Daily Mail

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