We can’t believe it either but Christmas is just SIX weeks away.

And last week, Myer launched its new Christmas campaign across its stores with the phrase “Happy Congratulations and Merry Christmas.”

It’s left some Aussies confused, with one saying “What does ‘Happy Congratulations’ mean?” and another ask “Is this meant to make sense to anyone?”

However, Myer has confirmed to news.com.au that “The campaign encourages our customers to celebrate all those special occasions we missed throughout the year from birthdays, graduations, to the Mother’s Day that wasn’t quite the same this year – and pack them into one day this Christmas as we come together with family and friends.”

A new carol released by the superstore also clean up,  with the lyrics saying “Happy, ho ho, merry, Mother’s Day, congratulations, hope you get well soon, hip hip hooray, I Do, salutations, mazel tov, inshallah, xin nian hao (Happy Chinese New Year) to you.


“Cause now we made it through. Make it bigger than Christmas.”

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