You may be turning your nose up in disgust right now, thinking how unsanitary the idea of not washing your jeans is – and you may just be right – but once you hear one Vogue Fashion Writer’s argument, you may just be leaving your jeans out of the laundry basket.

After a pair of Vogue Writer Marjon Carlos’ beloved Acne Studio boyfriend jeans became tangled at the bottom of her washing machine, she almost cried.

However, a visit to French jean atelier A.P.C convinced her that not washing her jeans was definitely the way to go.

You see, A.P.C’s employee handbook states such phrases as, “Run into the ocean with them on, then roll around in the sand to break down the roughness”, “Throw them in the freezer if they become intolerabl to smell, but whatever you do – do NOT wash them.”

And apparently, customers are thrilled with this news, as they loved how “their raw jeans had eventually broken down exquisitely from their original, stiff state.

Even Vogue’s Denim Editor, Kelly Connor, stands with Carlos. She said, “I basically don’t wash my jeans. If it’s vintage Levi’s and raw denim, I never wash them. And I haven’t gotten to the gross point—or maybe I have and I’m just not that clean in general . . .”

According to an article on Bustle, even the CEO of Levi Struss & Co went on Good Morning America and admitted to not washing his jeans for a YEAR!


Well, they ARE the experts…

Source: Bustle