If you’ve been hit by the gastro bug recently, you’re not alone.

There’s actually a severe outbreak spreading across the state and Western Sydney is the worst affected.

Experts think it could be because of a new strain that we don’t have much immunity to yet.

Dr Vicki Shepherd from the Health Department says the number of cases has been unusually high, with more than three thousand reported cases in a fortnight.

She says there was a peak high of people going to emergency departments, and while numbers are starting to decrease the amount of people still affected is unusually high.

Dr Shepherd says there is concern about the number of outbreaks at child care centres and aged care facilities. 

Most cases have recovered after a few days and the department is currently advising various facilities about how to contain the virus.


The good news is if you’ve been hit by the bug you should hopefully become immune and avoid any similar illness for several years


– Wash your hands thoroughly for 10 seconds before eating food and always wash your hands after   using the toilet

– Try to avoid areas such as hospitals, child care centres and aged care facilities

– If you or your child is sick, stay at home until fully recovered

– Ensure your child avoids sharing food utensils  

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