Little baby Kelsey suffers with eczema that is so severe she gets raw blisters that regularly burst and cause unbearable pain.

The five month old baby girl from Brisbane has to have mittens taped to her tiny hands to prevent her from scratching the extremely itchy irritated skin, but raw red sores are a constant feature all over the little girl.

Her mother, Alexandra Dean, 25, has expressed her disappointment at discovering that Kelsey will have to wait A YEAR before she sees a skin specialist.

‘I used to stay up at night with her and just cry because I had to pin myself on her … because even with the mittens on she’d just have to rub her face,’ Ms Dean said.

She has tried everything from antibiotics, to private dermatologists and multiple doctors visits but nothing is working.

It turns out that Kelsey is one of 200 children on a 12-month waiting list at Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital to see a special dermatologist.


Alexandra decided this was completely unacceptable and it was killing her to see how much pain little Kelsey was in each day, yet the hospital placed her on a ‘least critical’ list.

So Alexandra took matters into her own hands and contacted a South African dermatologist who came recommended by friends.

A ‘miracle cream’ was prescribed and the results visible just overnight are STAGGERING.

‘We saw a difference overnight. Now that she’s ten days into the treatment her skin’s doing really well and she only scratches occasionally, like a normal baby would,’ Ms Dean said.

Here’s hoping Kelsey continues to make such amazing progress.


Source Daily Mail

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