Kate Writer, 25, says at her heaviest she was 120 kilograms.

The sales assistant says she would start each day with a chocolate bar and an energy drink and regularly enjoy two meals for dinner – a takeaway from a local fast-food joint followed by a home cooked meal.

Kate says her weight didn’t bother her, she was confident and in a great relationship with her now fiancé. But, hours of standing on her feet every day was taking its toll on her legs so in 2013 she decided to make some changes.

Kate has documented her transformation on her Instagram account “Dedikated_lifestyle”, which has thousands of followers.

“At my heaviest, I weighed in at 120kgs (this was at the beginning of 2013) and it was around that time that I made some changes and decided to try and drop some weight – little did I know how far I would come!” she wrote in one post.

“I significantly reduced my calorie intake and portion sizes and cut out all fast food and alcohol. I began to exercise regularly (mostly cardio to begin with) and to be honest, my body responded way quicker that what I ever expected. By August of the same year I had lost 40kgs – way more than I ever thought I could lose or was hoping to lose.”


“I stuck to clean, whole foods and kept training, there were NO supplements, tablets or quick fixes-I worked hard!
My motivation was the weight loss I was seeing along with peoples amazing reactions and compliments, and of course… clothes!”

Kate says she started the Instagram account to inspire other Australians to do the same.

“I… can’t wait to change other women’s lives with my story,” she wrote.