A video showing a toddler climbing a fence and opening the gate in 21 seconds has gone viral for an important reason. 

Adelaide Mother Wendy Atkinson had a 1.45 metre high fence installed at her home with the intention to install a pool behind it.  The gate was to serve as a safety measure to keep her toddler Brodie away from the water. 

But after seeing just how easily her toddler could climb, they have decided not to build the pool until Brodie can swim. 

Wendy shared a shocking video which shows her clever toddler scale the fence, lift the lock and hold onto the gate as it swings open. 

All within 21 seconds and completely unassisted. 


In a post accompanying the video, Wendy wrote: ‘You wanna [sic] know how DROWNINGS occur THIS IS HOW… I refuse to have another child drown before every parent has had a chance for my beautiful two-year-old son to educate them.

To teach parents just how quick and clever [a] two-year-old can be who was only one a few months ago.’

This video shows he can scale and open the gate in 21 seconds, unassisted – no chairs, tables or bikes to stand on

Think about that 21 seconds. While you’ve just sat down to breastfeed your baby the siblings have just flown out the back not realising baby is in tow. 

The kids go one way to the bikes, baby goes straight to the pool, up and over in 21 seconds, gone – no splash, nothing.’

The incredible footage has been viewed almost 300,000 times.

Watch the video above and see just why it has gone viral. 

Source: Daily Mail