Ciana Rae Nelson, an actress and artist, has shared some eye opening photos of her daily battle with psoriasis. 

Taking to instagram Ciana opened up about the struggles of living with the condition and how frustrating it can be when it’s not taken seriously. 

In side by side photos, she showed how she normally covers it up and then a natural one (with the contrast and saturation tweaked up a tiny bit) to show what her skin looks like without makeup. 

In her caption, Ciana talks about how psoriasis is an “invisible illness”. 


People who suffer from it not only experience the physical side effects, but also chronic fatigue, dehydration and fevers.

Scientists are still working out what causes psoriasis but for now, they know that it’s an autoimmune condition and isn’t contagious.

Things like stress or cold weather can bring about an outbreak.

This is me 2 years ago just before I went to the hospital for severe dehydration and a fever. Skin conditions are not cosmetic issues. They cause physical pain and suffering and oftentimes a feeling of being trapped in your own body, on top of the social anxiety many people face because of them. I personally struggle with sleep deprivation due to constant, widespread itchiness that feels more like I’m being stung or bitten then I am “itchy.” Sometimes it’s completely unbearable and I have to go to a calm place in my mind to meditate and breathe until it lessens, but it never fully goes away. Hydrate. Get enough sleep. Eat healthy foods. Nourish your biggest organ, and all of the rest while you’re at it. #psoriasisawareness #psoriasis #benice @carideeenglish

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Her posts and photos are truly powerful and remind us that skin conditions are more than just skin-deep and never just about vanity. 



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