We’re constantly told how important water is, yet it still seems that for a lot of us, unless we are thirsty, we don’t drink water. 

Obvious signs like headaches, dizziness and dark yellow urine may be present, but there are a lot of hidden effects a lack of hydration can have on our bodies. 

Drinking enough water is key to preventing illness. 

Water is good for our brains, muscles and skin just to name a few. 

Adults should be consuming around 2 litres of water a day. 

Below are six weird signs that you’re dehydrated. If they seem familiar to you, down a glass of the good stuff now! 

1. You’re not sweating during workouts 


If we’re dehydrated, our bodies can actually stop sweating altogether. When our bodies become too hot (like when we are exercising) they release the extra heat through processes like sweating in order to keep our core temperatures regulated. If there isn’t enough water in our bodies to produce sweat, we miss out on that regulating system. Not only will we stop sweating, but we put ourselves at risk of overheating as well, as the heat stays trapped inside the body and core temperatures rise. 

2. Your oily skin has dry patches 

When skin gets dehydrated, it’s lacking in moisture, not oil. 

3. Your breath is on the nose 

Horrible breath is a nasty side effect of dehydration. Our saliva has antibacterial properties, therefore preventing the bacterial overgrowth that leads to bad breath. If we’re not drinking enough water, our bodies can’t make enough saliva. 

4. You’re ALWAYS hungry 


Mild dehydration is often masked as feelings of hunger, when in fact your body just needs fluids. This happens due to confusion in the hypothalamus, the part of the brain that regulates both appetite and thirst. That mix up in the brain can find you reaching for a carton of ice cream instead of what your body really needs: water. Try drinking a glass of water before you head to the snack cabinet… then listen to your body. 

5. You seem to be getting sick really often 

Chronic dehydration plays a massive role in how well your immune system performs. Every organ relies on water so if you’re not consuming enough, your cells aren’t getting the nutrients and minerals they need. 

6. Even while dieting, you’re still gaining weight

Staying hydrated is a huge component of being able to succeed at your diet. Dehydration slows the metabolism, negatively affects your body’s ability to burn fat and encourages excess calorie consumption. It’s also a massive contribution factor to belly fat. 

Stay hydrated is beneficial for our bodies in more ways than one. By sticking to the recommended amount, you can avoid any of the above strange signs of dehydration.