It’s one of the most iconic Aussie weddings of all time.

The baby’s breath, the mullet and Suddenly by Angry Anderson… they were the classic hallmarks of Scott and Charlene’s nuptials on Neighbours.

And one Aussie bloke recreated it all.

It was during a recent episode of the UK version of Don’t Tell The Bride – where the groom plans the entire wedding without his fiancée knowing a single detail – when Adam had the flash of genius.

“I just find the idea of Kylie and Jason’s wedding to be so romantic and I’m also looking at recreating Charlene’s dress – a sort of lacy effect going on… her hair all done up like some kind of sensitive pot noodle,” he added.

His bride-to-be, Rachel, was styled in Kylie Minogue’s full ‘Charlene’ get-up, while Adam was so committed to his ‘Scott’ look, he had his hair lightened and had extensions put in to recreate Jason Donovan’s mullet.

Before Rachel headed down the aisle she admitted she didn’t want to be “made a mockery of; I want it to be serious because it’s my wedding day.”


However, not even she could contain herself when she saw Adam’s hair.

After the ceremony, she said she felt complete disbelief over what had just happened.

“Never did I ever think that we were going to get married as Kylie and Jason.”


Here’s the original…

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