Apparently your favourite pizza topping can reveal a lot about your own tastes in the bedroom!

Whether you’re a Hawaiian kind of girl or a Pepperoni loving boy, there’s a topping here to suit every flavour…


Hate to break the bad news… but apparently you’re a lazy lover! According to Female First, “you like to lay there like a piece of pepperoni nestled in a bed of cheese waiting of your lover to do all the hard work. But it feels good to surrender to their expert moves”. 


You like your pizzas ‘safe’ and the same can be said about your bedroom habits. Apparently you’re sex life is best described as vanilla because “you’re not up for changing up your routine or trying new things; you know what you want because it’s been tried and tested”.


Meat Feast

Like your meat feast, you want it all! You “like to experiment with anything and everything- anywhere. You want to have as many sexual experiences with your lover as you can just so at the end of your life you have no regrets in that department”.


Much like the Island your pizza is named after, you have exotic sexual tastes. According to Female First, you like to “stock your sex box with lots of new flavours and scents. In your eyes holidays are what sex was made for and are at your horniest when you’re away from home”.



There’s some big no-no’s in the bedroom for you. Namely flogging, slapping and whipping. Your partner better forget about bondage because “you feel that sex should not involve any sort of pain even if it’s supposedly the ‘pleasurable’ kind”.

Ham and Mushroom

You like to straddle both sides of the bed. You enjoy “trying new things but you also thrive on going back to basics and just surrendering to the moment”.

No Topping

You like to keep things simple. Forget all the added extras – sex toys, gadgets, fancy lingerie.. you just like to “get on with it- no distractions”.


Spicy Chicken

Obviously there’s a lot of spice in your love life! You ooze sex appeal and can “turn your partner on any time, day or night with your natural sauciness”. You are also always looking for ways to spice things up. Of course.

Barbecue Base

It’s all about the great outdoors for you. You “love a bit of alfresco bonking- summer’s ideal for your outdoor sexcapades but in winter you use it as an excuse to warm each other up and get some well needed fresh air between moans”.

Stuffed Crust

Erhmmmmm, so apparently you like your men big. We’re pretty sure this doesn’t need more explaining!


Okay, so maybe it’s just another piece of internet fodder – but we had fun!

Via Female First