It’s a debate so important it’s dividing the nation. No, where not talking about who’s going to win the Bachelor.

We hate to break it to you but it appears the majority of us have been eating our scones the WRONG way. Shock horror, I know.

And I know what you’re all thinking. I eat mine the write way. Well here’s some food for thought. 

If you fit into the category of spreading your jam on first and then dolloping your cream – you’re doing it wrong. 

Now, I can hear you shouting at your computer screens, but there is an explanation. I too have been guilty of the jam then cream scone method my whole life, but after discovering just how wrong I am, I pledge to  never eat scones the same way. 

You see, there are a small minority of people who choose to put the cream on first and then the jam. Crazy, I know. But there appears to be method to their madness.


Most of us believe the jam must go directly on to the scone to give the cream something to grip to. The thought of spreading jam on top of cream just sounds messy, but according to the cream and jam side we need to start trying harder. 

They insist it can be done and we just need to learn how to dollop jam. They argue that the dominant flavour should be tasted first. They do have a point. Vegemite does go on the top of butter. 

And here’s the kicker. Cooking royalty Nigella Lawson AND Donna Hay both eat their scones cream first, jam second. If Nigella says it’s good it must be. She always eats food the appropriate way. 

sexy food pizza eating cheese


The Queen is also said to enjoy her scones with cream and then jam. How can we argue with the Queen herself? 

For those of us who’ve been eating our scones the wrong way, there is somebody to blame. Apparently this is the method made popular in Cornwall.While in Devon the cream and jam method reigns supreme.

Damn, we’ve never heard of a ‘Cornish Tea’ – but ‘Devonshire tea’ we have. How could we have been SO WRONG for all these years.  

While this is a lot to take in and we don’t want to ruin your scone eating forever, some crazy etiquette lovers will insist we’ve also been halving them wrong too. 

Rather than cutting them in half with a knife. they insist going all Bear Grylls style and ripping them in half with your bare hands. Animals.  

So whilst I’ve conceded I will never resort back to spreading my jam and then dolloping my cream, I will not ever call a scone a ‘scoone’. It will always be a ‘scon.’ There’s just some things you can’t change. 

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